Jackson – World Class City

Jackson exudes unique aesthetic and natural splendor from its rich history. But what makes the city exceptionally fascinating is the pool of excellent music of all genres. It’s where modernity meets commonality.

Countless people come to relish all kinds of music. They stream into the city to experience good music and food along with friendly people, an enchanting atmosphere and a pool of countless musicians. Music for ages has remained the soul of the city, bracing the essence of living. Music has been a unifying force in the town for years with jazz concerts and music fiestas.

Fun-seekers view Jackson as an area of good food, good life, and good music. It has remarkable perseverance and never-die spirit because of its age-long history of civil rights activism that significantly shaped the city’s fortune.

Also, the city has a long history of top-notch museums. It is an epicenter of the excellent exhibition for extraordinary paintings, sculptures, filmmaking, and photography. It is perennially known for its culture.

The seasons are hospitable and offer tourists, visitors and fun-seekers memorable moments, especially during summer season. Whether you are visiting the city for a soulful weekend, or a week or month-long vacation, you will be gripped by the beautiful landscapes, historic structures and museums, tasty foods and above all friendly inhabitants.

Many renowned artists, authors, chefs, and adventurers have called Jackson home. Among them are authors Eudora Welty, Richard Wright and Margaret Walker Alexander. Also, there’s sculptor Ben Watts, chefs Dan Blumenthal and Chaz Lindsay.

Aside from its buoyant economy, Jackson offers fresh air and outdoor recreation. Check out Lefleur Bluff State Park, Sheppard Brothers Park, the Natchez Trace and other parks.

Relish the historical forest trail known as The Natchez Trace. This route covers about 440 miles from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee, connecting the Cumberland, Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. This route was one of the trails created and used by the early Native Americans. It later became a preferred route for Europeans and American explorers, emigrants and traders in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. After so many centuries, the route today is celebrated by the Natchez Trace Parkway and Bridge.

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