It’s Good to Find a Trial Attorney that says “More for You. Less for Us”

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Attorney Joey Franks is not scared of trial for DUI cases and is therefore a trial attorney and defends people in court. He has skills in researching and communication and cases depend on his findings and ability to convince the court.

A bachelor’s degree followed by three years of law school is required and then Joey needed to pass the state bar examination. Education is seven years; four years undergraduate and three in law school. Applying to law school requires a Law School Admission Test. Internships and externships are crucial.

The best attorneys represent parties in trials and argue the client’s case for them. Joey owns his own trial attorney firm. He examines all needed evidence, researches laws and study relevant cases. He meets regularly with clients to review options and strategy for trial.

Presenting a case at trial requires expertise. Trial lawyers begin with an opening argument and take turns presenting evidence and speaking with the judge. Then they present a closing argument.

All lawyers have to be admitted to the American Bar Association and have a state license. An ethics and a written bar exam are required. The bar exam has certain stipulations an attorney must meet before qualifying to take it. Attorney positions will increase by 6% between 2014 and 2024.

The American College of Trial Lawyers is the professional association in the U.S. and Canada Since 1950, the College has maintained and improved standards, administration and ethics. The Board of Regents and committees participate in activities to move forward. Annually, it awards the Medal for Excellence in Advocacy.

The Foundation of the American College of Trial Lawyers and the Canadian Foundation are non-profit organizations that advance objectives of the College. It improves trial standards and justice administration. The College publishes Codes of Conduct that improve administration of justice.

Trial attorneys represent people in litigation. Attorney Franks represents defendants; folks accused of a DUI. His job is to persuade a judge or jury of the facts and support your position. He must adhere to a complicated set of rules. In preparation, Joey looks at everything about the arrest and also looks to the police report to see if everything is in order. Then he argues your case in court. Attorney Franks possess very good analytical abilities.

In colonial days, people were leery of lawyers as they had left an un-fair legal system. Officers of the crown were tax collectors and unpopular. Clergy in the colonies didn’t like lawyers! But, a law career became honorable and became associated with the founding fathers and nation building. Lawyers have been romanticized by television.

Trial attorneys represent people who need their help. They do their best to protect those who are accused and ensure they get a fair trial. Attorney Franks works for individuals, families, men and women who need their rights protected in Mississippi’s courts. He fights for a balanced justice system in Mississippi.

Attorney Joey Franks is here to help you. More for You and Less for Us. Call (601) 773-7777.