Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi. The history and hospitality make Jackson a great choice for a getaway and romance. Jackson is the largest city in Mississippi and, it’s dubbed ‘a city with a soul.’ Jacksonians are passionate and, possess a winning spirit they share with tourists in a hospitable manner. Also, Jackson has many historic sites that help shape the city into what it is today.

Why you should visit Jackson

A tour of Jackson gives you an insight of tourist sites and history. The heart of Jackson beats with music and has a tradition rich in arts. If you love movies, Jackson is the right place for you as it has landmarks used in popular films. Tourism in Jackson creates a connection with every tourist. There are historical sites abound in every corner and restaurants with delicious soul food. It’s a chance to meet the child in you.


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Places to visit in Jackson MS

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science – This amazing museum is a 70,000 square foot complex of educational and historical installations. Its focus is to preserve the natural history of Mississippi which include fossils, plants, animals and habitats.

Babalu Restaurant is your one-stop for a great Jackson food-experience. They serve diverse sandwiches, salads, tacos, appetizers, tapas, dessert, and cocktails. Interestingly, the chef who runs Babalu insists on only the freshest local produce and ingredients to prepare your tasty dishes. Treat yourself to one of their tasty desserts.

Old Capitol Museum – Built in 1839 and housed in one of the most historic buildings in Jackson, this museum was the seat of Mississippi government until 1900. It’s an important historical landmark, restored and opened as a museum for your viewing pleasure. Visiting this museum will take you back in time.

Mississippi Museum of Arts – Visualize an aesthetic and sleek design on a beautiful building decorated with colorful art. The many windows illuminate the and create goosebumps effects. No doubt, this is a feeling you want to experience as a tourist. The works of notable painters, stunning photographs and acclaimed sculptors are all on display.

Mississippi children’s Museum – This Jackson museum connects with your children, and you will discover your inner child right along with them. Furthermore, the museum has a mission to improve health, overall well-being and literacy for children. It welcomes adults who love to play. Additionally, the museum has a large gallery revolving around education, health, literacy, culture, science, history and technology. The literacy garden is 13,000 square feet with experimental artworks, is the newest addition to this fantastic museum.

The amazing places to visit in Jackson are uncountable and captivating. All you have to do is book a ticket and visit Jackson. What will be your own story?