The background and friendliness make for a wonderful option for a vacation. Jackson is the largest town in the area., and it is referred to as ‘a city that has a heart’ because the residents are enthusiastic and have a triumphant spirit. They are very friendly to folks on vacation.

Jackson has several sites that shaped it into exactly today’s town. A scenic tour offers an understanding of these places and their background, as well as influence on social changes. Music is huge in Jackson. You can listen to blues, rock, jazz, classical and gospel. There is a tradition of fine arts, and many movies have been shot there. Landmarks include Thalia Maria Hall and the Eudora Welty home.

A number of famous people have strolled the streets while filming or recording different projects. They include Mick Jagger, Chadwick Boseman and Dan Ackroyd. Jackson’s neighborhood cuisines are timeless in the south from imaginative southern style to international fare, to soul food.

Places to check out in Jackson.

In addition to the music and dining establishments, Jackson most certainly has something that will excite everyone. From historic structures to fine art to interesting museums, Jackson will astound and leave you captivated. You’ll fall in love with the city.

Mississippi Museum of Natural History

It is a very large museum of academic installations. Its emphasis is to protect historical Mississippi’s plants, animals, and environments.


Babalu Restaurant

Go there for A taste of the south including sandwiches, salads, appetizers, desserts and cocktails. Remarkably, the chef that runs Babalu demands only the freshest local fruits and vegetables, and other ingredients, to prepare delicious meals. It’s all good stuff made just for you.

Old Capital Museum

Built in 1839, it is one of oldest structures in Jackson, this structure was the capital up until 1900. Moreover, it is an essential historical site restored to near original condition for you to visit. Seeing it will certainly take you to another time.

Mississippi Gallery of Arts.

Envision an aesthetic that is a streamlined design, in a gorgeous building, embellished with vivid artwork. The numerous picture windows allow a lot of natural light into the gallery which produces a beautiful effect. You need to see it when in Jackson. The works of significant painters and sensational photographers, as well as well-known sculptors, are all on display in this gallery.

Now that you understand every one of the remarkable areas to check out in Jackson, the next step is to experience it by visiting this fine southern metropolis. You’ll love what you see.

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