A sound human race is a race that preaches human unity, tolerance, and inclusiveness irrespective of differences in race and social ideologies. Humanity speaks the same language when it gains – the language of peace, unity, tolerance, and commonality.

Jackson Mississippi is a city with historical presence of government, commercial activities, manufacturing, telecommunications, livestock, agro-allied businesses and other socio-economic activities.

At the other side is the history of suppression, short supply of social amenities, insensitivities in policy formulation and implementation and grand suspicion.

Native Americans originally inhabited Jackson with enchanting landscapes and extensive marine activities. The city plan was created by the nation’s third president, Thomas Jefferson. However, the city was destroyed by the Union troops led by William Tecumseh Sherman, leading to the great devastation of its beautiful landscape.

Industrial development started in the 1930s when natural gas was discovered nearby. This discovery came along with it the might over right syndrome and age-long suspicion and misunderstanding of the black race that populate Jackson Mississippi.

This led to a situation where restiveness and divisive lyrics begin to echo among the people – which subsequently led to perennial agitation for economic security by mostly the black race.


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Where rancor exists, there also is the presence of social denials, injustice, suppression and deliberate efforts at usurping the people’s fundamental rights. According to figures, blacks are over 70 percent of the entire population of Jackson Mississippi while the population of the whites stands at around 27.8 percent. Others are Asians, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders which make up the less than 1 percent of the population.

Currently, the issue of racial consideration in policy implementation, as well as economic denials seems to lead most social discussion within Jackson Mississippi. There is the accusation of denying people employment opportunities on the basis of race and other social considerations. In the language of one of the victims, “It’s either you are overqualified or under-qualified.”

These social denials seem to be targeted at how the black Americans have been viewed for ages. An average black resident believes that they are viewed suspiciously, and this has led to a situation where injustice meted is easily waved aside by those saddled to enforce law and order.

This suspicion has led to a situation where issues are approached and analyzed based on current mindset. According to perceived victims, there is no opportunity for social and economic integration and inclusiveness because of the shared economic opportunity existing in the US.

There are widespread belief and assertions that policies and programs do not truly reflect real life experiences of people who should be the beneficiaries of these policies and programs. The implication is that in reality, the people need something different from what is being offered.

There is currently a new consciousness that may see the hitherto silent voices roar as it affects their well-being and welfare. These voices tend towards reechoing and redirecting the narratives that have for so long been made on false assumptions about the blacks.