Poindexter Park Historic District

The Poindexter Park Historic District is just west of downtown Jackson and is beginning to boom and become vibrant. The Poindexter Park Historic District used to be dangerous, especially after dark. However, residents have been working for a long time to make the area a safer place to live, and there is a lot of optimism currently.

Crime and drugs invaded the neighborhood in the 1980s, causing many property owners and businesses to move out. Poindexter became a bit of a ghost town. But now residents say it is getting back to being a good area to bring up children.

Crime rates have dropped a lot since the 1990s, although residents would like those rates to fall even further as time goes on. Car and home burglaries have been the biggest culprits. But residents are working hard to clean up the neighborhood, and they believe those efforts have reduced violent crime. However, the Poindexter Park Historic District still has abandoned buildings with no windows, but a strong community presence has made for a crime rate drop.

Habitat for Humanity and Operation Weed and Seed operate in the neighborhood and are working to restore the Poindexter Park Historic District to its previously safe state. In fact, some former residents are returning. That may be in part to Habitat for Humanity’s Nehemiah Project that plans to build 100 houses in Poindexter and other areas of Jackson. This has led to many vacant homes being torn down and replaced with new houses. The hope is also to reinvigorate neighborhood schools.

Operation Weed and Seed’s aim is to reduce crime, drugs, and gangs, and they have been working in the Poindexter Park Historic District. They attempt to move out criminals and provide more human services, including fixing up Poindexter Park and making it a safe playground. Football practices for Poindexter Elementary are even held in the park.

Block associations hold many events like a fun day for families and a festival in the fall for families and kids. Living conditions have begun to improve, and kids are encouraged to focus on academics. Poindexter Elementary has many active reading programs, and they have asked students to refrain from criminal activities.

A lot has happened to improve the area, and a lot more needs to be done. The only businesses in the neighbor and a Winn Dixie and a Family Dollar Store. There are no entertainment options.

Poindexter Park Historic District features many restored historic homes that are on the National Register of Historic Places, as is the district itself. One of the old mansions is a beloved bed-and-breakfast. The property was owned at one time by Mississippi’s second governor, and War of 1812 veteran, George Poindexter. Poindexter was also a delegate, representative, and senator and was born in in 1779. An attorney, he was admitted to the bar in 1800. He became a United States Congressman in 1817 when Mississippi was admitted into the union. He passed away in 1853 in Jackson.

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