Before moving to a new city, there are some vital questions you need to ask yourself and research, especially if you plan on working there.

These questions range from, “Can I afford it? Will I get a good job there? Is the city friendly? What’s the cost of living? Is this the right move? What do I stand to gain by moving? What’s the weather? What’s the road network? Etc.

As the largest city in Mississippi, Jackson is known as the City of Soul – A reference to the great soul music artists that had once called it home.

Bubbling with energy, potentials and inspirational material in every nook and cranny, Jackson makes an imprint on you, and it doesn’t matter even if you’re traveling through, it will still own you. You will feel a strong connection. It’s almost magical!

You’re bound to fall in love with Jackson. Aside from being situated in a growing, glittering, chattering and good-natured metro area, it promises a pleasant stay with a friendly environment and that unique smell of home permeates your senses.

Like most Southern metropolitan areas, summers can sometimes get annoyingly hot, with cooler springs and falls and mild winters. Luckily, the city is built with many events, parks and walking trails to keep you busy. There is always something to do to ease each season.

When it comes to the cost of living, Jackson is one of the most cost-effective places to live in the US. The cost of living is lower than the US median. Its cost-effectiveness is particularly glaring when compared to that of living in New York City, for instance. The median home price in Jackson is approximately $60,000 whereas New York has a median price of $580,000.

There’s more automobile driving in Jackson than the US median/ that’s not surprising considering most public transportation does not have remote areas coverage. Jackson citizens usually rely on their private cars to get wherever they need to go, or they make use of the Uber.

Families usually feel comfortable living in Madison, Clinton, Ridgeland, Brandon, and Pearl because of the good neighborhoods and lesser crime rates. There’s also easy access to quality education, numerous parks, and walk trails.

Regarding job opportunities, Jackson has something for everyone. A survey by ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook shows employers plan to hire more this year. In other words, if you’re looking to live and work in Jackson, there is no better time to move than now.

Jackson has great restaurants like Barrel House, Char Restaurant, Rooster’s, Aladdin Mediterranean Grill, The Pig and Pint and other. They have mouth-watering dishes that ensure you eat well at a decent price.

As long as you can afford the move, Jackson is one of the friendliest areas to live and work in the US. It encourages the spirit of family and thrift.

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