Named after former US president, Andrew Jackson, because of his role in the battle of New Orleans during the 1812 war, Jackson is within more than 3000 acres of land. It boasts of a friendly environment, with people that welcome you. By-the-way, it helps if you can talk about college football.

For a city with so much love for visitors and new residents, good restaurants only help the image of a town with a lot of hospitality. Consequently, Jackson has some of the most energetic, serenading, pleasure-centric, mouth-watering restaurants in Mississippi.

If you’re thinking of enjoying creatively delicious southern foods like mouth-watering BBQ, jaw-dropping hamburger or a slice of heaven pizza and you want a rustic, relaxing or sophisticated atmosphere, with live music and impeccable service, you should check out some of these restaurants.

Char Restaurant – Char is one of those restaurants you pass on your way home, and you think, “I have to eat there” because of curiosity. The atmosphere is serene, sophisticated, with professional waitresses that know what they’re doing. You can’t have a bad time at Char with live music, beautiful bar area, and great view, increasing your appetite. The foods on their menu are something you have to taste for yourself. They are indescribable. And yes, it thankfully comes with reservation options.

The Pig and Pint – if you’re looking to eat in a family-friendly atmosphere with indoor and outdoor settings to choose from, the Pig and Pint is definitely the place to go. You will find the tastiest BBQ here with an extensive range of beers to go with anything you order. By the way, you might want to think about your order, or you might find your table overflowing with food. The Pig and Pint’s portions are huge. No small sizes here.

Rooster’s – Roosters arguably makes the best fried chicken in town. While the aroma will have you salivating, your first bite will have you hooked. Their 8 oz burger, with onion rings, is something you need to taste.

The Manship – This is the home of pizza in Jackson. If you’re in town and you haven’t gotten a taste of The Manship pizza, you might want to place your order right now. Situated at a convenient spot for travelers, especially those that need to get to the airport, it’s a comfortable place to grab a bite on the go or sit down and enjoy some cocktails.

Walker’s Drive-In – Mentioning the best restaurants in Jackson without Walker’s Drive-In in the mix would be a mistake. The restaurant is an all-time favorite among residents and visitors alike. Looking at the exterior, you might almost turn back thinking, “this doesn’t look like a place worth all the hype.” But have your first meal here, and you’ll know it’s worth it. From the Redfish Anna, Portabella Fries, Cornbread Salad and Halibut, to the best Tiramisu in the world, Walkers can’t be beaten. Their wine list will compliment any meal. The greatest disappointment you might encounter at Walkers is not able to order your favorite meal because someone else ordered the last one before you

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