“More for You. Less for Us” is What You Need in a Criminal Justice Attorney

  • We’re Aggressive When Going to Court
  • We’re Told Our Fees Are Affordable
  • We Work Hard to be the Best

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, don’t wait. Get a good Criminal Justice Attorney. Attorney Joey Franks will detail your options and get you the best possible deal.

A DUI charge is a serious matter. You risk severe penalties like jail time and a criminal record. It could affect future employment opportunities. Attorney Franks will fight hard for you and will be aggressive. He makes sure his fees are fair and affordable.

Joey has experience in Mississippi DUI cases and will handle your case from start to finish. He’s a DUI lawyer who will explain the good and bad and of your case. He’ll outline your situation and he’s not scared to go to trial and be in front of a judge. He also knows the prosecutors and can speak plainly with them. So, many times, he can get a decent outcome without going to trial. However, going to trial might be necessary.

Don’t do this alone as you won’t know all the points of your case. You won’t know the answers. As Attorney Franks is fond of saying, he can’t drive a semi., but he can lawyer and he strives to be the best DUI lawyer. He’ll make sure it costs as little as can be in money and time.

Keep in mind, for a DUI first offense, 48 hours is the maximum jail time and we ask for time served. What’s more, you might be able to attend a victim’s impact panel. There’s a cost associated with that but you may be able to avoid jail time. Sometimes Joey’s able to get the charges suspended. It all depends on the facts of the case.

A DUI can be on your record for quite a while. Here is an example of a DUI first on Jan 1, 2017, and DUI second on Dec 1, 2017. It’s a second because they stack on each other in a year. If there’s a DUI on Jan 1, 2017 and one more Jan 1, 2015, then the 2025 DUI is looked upon as a first. it’s because DUIs are on your record for 5 years. They haven’t disappeared in that there’s a record of them and an enquiry will find it.  But after 5 years, your car insurance is no longer impacted. DUIs can be gotten rid of after 5 years if you meet a certain stipulations. In that case, the DUIs will no longer be on your record.

For the average person, a case can go to trial and you can be found not guilty. What are the facts the arrest? Did the officer have probable cause to stop you? Cops are human and make mistakes. They may have not entered the correct data. There a lot to sort through and Joey can help. It’s important to know that the courts don’t want to ruin you and your job. They want you to remain a productive citizen.

Here’s a helpful tip. If you see a police checkpoint, don’t pull off the road. It gives the cops reasonable suspicion. A side road or apartment complex is OK to drive into. Otherwise, you have to go through checkpoint. Have your license, registration and proof of insurance ready when you enter. Open the window just enough to give them the documentation. Then the cop doesn’t have his head in the car trying to smell booze or pot. Talk as little as is needed. If he says “good evening”, nod your head and then they can’t bring up slurred speech. Hopefully you haven’t had a drink, but another person could leave something in your car. You don’t want the cop shining his flashlight in your auto looking for stuff.

Get the facts and find out what Attorney Joey Franks can do for you. More for You and Less for Us. Call (601) 773-7777.