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A criminal justice attorney defends the accused throughout trial and are responsible for supplying the defendant with legal guidance as well as representation throughout a criminal trial. Unlike district attorneys, a DUI lawyer could end up being involved at an earlier phase in the criminal justice process. They help suspects throughout pre-trial stages and take part in plea negotiations with the prosecutor to get a decreased sentence or to have the charges dismissed. Also, they research laws and provide trial defense. If you are dealing with criminal charges, a criminal defense lawyer will help you.

Richland was incorporated in 1974. Its motto is “Proud to Call it Home!”. City government includes a mayor and board of aldermen. The population is 7,111 within 12.2 square miles. Richland has seen population growth every year since 1980. There are 2,540 households. Median yearly household income is $38,996 and median family income is $44,800. Richland is 91.97% white and 5.28% African American.