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For the typical individual, DUI includes a license suspension of 90 days as well as a financial penalty. You could spend two days behind bars as well as go to a MASEP program. For business vehicle drivers, the fines are extreme as you lose your license for as much as a year. If you’re under age 21, for any type of blood alcohol amount, it a $250 penalty, a 90-day suspension as well as the MASEP training course. However, minors do not have the 48-hour prison time or fines.

Do not go it alone as you will not understand all the factors of your situation and you will not recognize the solutions. As Lawyer Franks loves stating, he cannot fix an 18-wheeler or overhaul an engine. However, he can representative you and he aims to be the very best DUI lawyer. He’ll ensure it sets you back as little as possible. For a DUI first offense in Mississippi, we request time served and you may be able to go to a victim’s impact panel. You might stay clear of prison time.


History of Pearl – The area around the Pearl River was turned into agricultural land after the Civil War but population did not grow until the mid-1950s. Growth coincided with the expansion of Jackson, the state capitol. This brought increased population and many factories. Infrastructure improvement projects like flood control and the Jackson airport also hastened development and population growth. This led to Pearl voting to incorporate as a city in 1968. Boundaries were set and the name Pearl was chosen over Riverview and Brightsville. The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that the incorporation could move forward, and the state legislature issued a charter. The installation of city officials happened on June 29, 1973 and were called to order on July 3, 1973.

The Pearl School District was established in 1976. Cable television came to Pearl in 1976 as well. 1978 saw the formation of the Chamber of Commerce. The old Pearl High School building, used from 1949 to 1989, is now City Hall with offices for police, public works and city courts. A big community center with a clock tower was constructed next to city hall. A new library opened in 2005.

The Ku Klux Klan negatively affected Pearl for years with violence. The area was Caucasian for most of the last century. However, Pearl integrated and African-Americans constituted 23% of the census by 2010.