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If you or a family member are dealing with a DUI, you require an aggressive criminal justice attorney. What’s more, you need an affordable attorney. We take pride in giving top-notch DUI defense solutions to citizens throughout Mississippi. Our office is based in Jackson, MS and we’re right here to assist you fighting a DUI charge.

History of Madison – The town of Madison is named for the fourth U.S. President, James Madison. Founded in 1856 along the Illinois Central Railroad, Madison Station was the inception of the city of Madison. However, there was a nearby town called Madisonville that preceded Madison by more than 20 years. It grew along the Natchez Trace and boasted a stagecoach station. Madisonville was the first county seat and had 2 banks, a factory and a hotel. Madisonville faded away when the railroad bypassed it.

Because of the railroad, the Civil War Union Army attacked Madison and there was extensive carnage. In fact, it was considered destroyed by 1863. General Stephen Lee used Madison Station as a command post at the beginning of 1864 and later became the first president of Mississippi State College.

Because of the railroad, Madison grew after hostilities ceased. Also, the Madison Land Company enticed people from the north to move to Madison and therefore it became an incorporated village. However, the land boom failed and the charter was set aside. Good land was sold for $3 per acre and it was pitched that the state boasted the United States’ lowest debt ratio and residents were healthier than the people in New England.