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History of Byram – The city of Byram was incorporated in 1870 and named after pioneer A.M. Byram who gave the land for the first railroad depot. Byram gave up its incorporation during the Great Depression because it couldn’t provide municipal services because of tight money during the 1930s. It opened re-incorporation consideration discussion when Jackson tried to annex Byram in 1991. Residents believe there would be higher taxes and lower levels of police service and needed on-going street repairs. Lawsuits began in 2004 and Byram finally incorporated in 2009 after it was ruled that it could incorporate within 20 square miles of the city center.

Byram is governed by a mayor and board of aldermen. The first police chief was selected in 2010 with an operating budget of $1.8 million, 25 officers and 15 civilian employees. A new headquarters, vehicles and equipment were put together and established. The first fire chief was named the following year and the fire department went from 100% volunteer to a combination of volunteer and paid personnel. The fire department now has 4 administrators, 15 paid firefighters and 25 volunteer firefighters. The fire station was opened in 2014 after being constructed for a few years.