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If you have been detained and accused of a criminal offense, then not many things feel worse. Attorney Joey Franks fights for his clients to ensure their rights are protected. He does whatever feasible to keep you from dealing with prison, significant fines, and a rap sheet. Call Attorney Franks to obtain a skilled lawyer.

Attorney Franks knows the criminal justice system throughout. His clients gain from his experience as he knows how district attorneys plan and which cases they prefer to take to trial, and when they want to negotiate. This capability is a benefit as he can place his clients in the most effective position to prevent the worst repercussions.

From a DUI first to felony drug criminal offenses, Joey is ready to stand for the accused throughout Mississippi. He works to get charges dismissed or go after a plea bargain. When a case needs to go to trial, he’s an aggressive criminal justice attorney.

History of Brandon – The Choctaw tribe called the areas around Brandon home before the arrival of Europeans and were forced in the 1830s to hand over their territory to the United States of America. What is now Brandon was occupied by large cotton plantations during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The area was not otherwise settled until the 1950s.

Brandon as a city elects a mayor. It also features a six-person board of aldermen. Most represent single-member districts, but there is one at-large member of the board. The current city officials include a mayor and aldermen and there is also a city attorney to protect the city’s interests. The population of Brandon exceeds 27,000 people.

Five fire stations and a central fire station have been constructed to protect the city of Brandon and its citizens. The city of Brandon began an independent EMS district to provide ambulances in case that’s ever needed. The private sector contracts through the city for this needed service. One police station is all that’s needed to protect the city and there is a police chief.

There are probation and parole offices in Brandon that is used as needed. What’s more, the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility is housed close to the city of Brandon.